Top Multiplayer Games in 2018 – Win with Your Friends or Take a Solo Venture

Multiplayer games are now more popular than they have ever been. 2018 especially saw a rise in popularity due to some recent additions to the multiplayer genre. Sub-genres are less important now, and the game itself much more, whether its visual nature, its gameplay style and approach and even more, innovativeness.

Here are some of the best multiplayer games in 2018 that you can enjoy.


This game is without a doubt the first on the list due to many reasons, the one being that it’s extremely popular and fun. Launched as a pay to play game in 2017, it gained attention but not as much as its Battle Royale sibling which came out in September of 2017 as a free to play game.

It quickly rose in popularity, overtaking both League of Legends and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on in average view count.

The game is a third-person shooter; In the battle royale mode you fight until one person remains the last one standing. This is enhanced by cartoonish graphics which make the game accessible to younger players and a building factor which makes the game similar to Minecraft. Players familiar with Minecraft will definitely find such a game refreshing, especially due to the fast-paced action and fun environment.

League of Legends

Riot Games has made this game better with every patch. Currently sitting on patch 8.12, the roles have been challenged and every champion can go almost everywhere. Some people think that can break the game, others find it extremely amusing and fun. There are no more troll picks.

This game is a MOBA and an extremely popular one. It was the number 1 game on by average view count until Fortnite took over in 2018.

Fight your way to victory, master different champions and roles or just spam 5v5 games with your friends and have a blast.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

This game’s inception was a strange one. Prior to this game, Counter Strike: Source was the popular shooter and Hidden Path Entertainment wanted to port the game to consoles, given how it was only available on PCs and MACs. Valve took note of this and started developing the game which later on became CS: GO.

It was released on all platforms, including consoles and is a first-person shooter, objective based. It features terrorists and counter terrorists fighting over bombs and hostages in multiple rounds. Based on your score, you earn money which transfers from round to round in order to buy better weapons.

Worms W.M.D

Worms hold a special place in online multiplayer games. You take control of pink worms and crawl around a landscape, shooting other worms with bazookas, throwing hand grenades and using baseball bats to drown them or even super sheep to send them flying. The round is over once you defeat all the other enemy team worms (multiple teams can play on one map).

Some argue that the best game in the series was the original Worms Armageddon but the modern version does take after it and adds new explosive things to have fun with.

If multiplayer games are what you are looking for in 2018 then these games should give you something to think about, something to have fun with during the rainy days.