Top Four TV Shows About Gambling Ever

People have always been attracted to gambling and betting sites India. The mystery surrounding it along with glamour and luxury has always attracted people all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that TV entertainment with gambling topics has always been popular. The thrills ad the chance of a game with the stakes of cash awards is a great recipe for good fictional movies. The audience can enter the world of glamour and excitement that casinos share from the comfort of their homes.

Many movies use casinos as the place for their story. Some develop inside the walls of casinos, while others just barely touch the world of casino. The Bond series does not miss the chance to enter the world of casino and the glamour surrounding it. Ocean film series’ stories are always located inside the walls of a casino, while trying to cheat its tough security system. The Haunted Casino and many other casino movies revolve only in the casino itself.

These and many other casino themed movies have proven to be extremely popular. In addition, there are some popular TV shows about gambling which induce the feeling of thrill and excitement just like in a real casino.

In the following article, top four TV shows ever made about gambling will be presented and discussed.


Big Deal is a London based drama which originated in the 1980s and was created and written by Geoff McQueen. Unlike the glamourous Las Vegas American drama, Big Deal does not appear to be so glamorous.

Robby Box is the main protagonist, who spends his time in South London estates and lots in Camden. He is a professional gambler who gives us an insight into what professional gambling actually looks like. Professional gambling in Big Deal is far from glamorous, and Robby Box’s addiction to gambling has a bad effect on his girlfriend and her daughter.


Las Vegas is an American TV show broadcast from September 2003 until February 2008.  James Caan played a casino boss and a former CIA agent which gave rise to the popularity of the show.

The plot of the TV series revolves around a team of people working ar Montecito Resort and Casino and who deal with issues which arise at their work.

The show Las Vegas gives a great description of Las Vegas as the city of casinos and gambling. It describes the people who work and visit the casinos in detail and gives the TV show a special note.


Luck is an American drama television series created by David Milch. The series was released in January 2012. The main protagonist of the show is Dustin Hoffman.

The series, Luck, revolves around horse racing and people who bet on horse racing. The show presented the racing world and the betting world in detail and the cast who was in the show was remarkably good. Unfortunately, since many horses died while filming the show, the show was cancelled due to animal safety concerns. Nevertheless, it will be the best horseback race betting TV show ever made.


American 2004 reality TV series called The Casino originally broadcast on Fox was created by Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor.

The TV show The Casino revolves around two millionaires, Thomas Breitling and Tim Poster, who are the owners of The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

With the details it offers, watching the show can turn you into a master of gambling.