Top Five New Shows On Netflix

People have always sought a perfect way to entertain themselves. In the past, the way of entertainment was quite simple. However, due to the accelerated development of technology, many new ways of entertainment have appeared, ranging from television to the Internet.

Nowadays, the Internet gives us many possibilities to entertain. One of the entertainment “provider” on the Internet is Netflix.

Netflix is a company that provides online streaming of the multimedia content via the Internet almost all around the world. It streams the best tv shows of all times, both new and old.

In the following paragraphs, we will write about the top five Netflix TV shows released recently.


The Crown is a historical drama created and written by Peter Morgan and released on Netflix in 2016. The plot revolves around the current reigning monarch of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Elizabeth II. It follows the Queen’s life from her wedding to Prince Philip and throughout her life.

The TV show itself evolved out of the 2006 movie called The Queen also created by Morgan and it is a biographical drama. The actress, Claire Foy portrays the Queen, while the actor Matt Smith portrays Prince Philip.

The show was celebrated for the acting, the script, cinematography, directing and relatively accurately presented historical events surrounding Queen Elizabeth II and her life.


Westworld is an American science fiction TV show created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. The TV show was produced by HBO and streamed on Netflix.

The plot revolves around a fictional Wild-West themed amusement park, which is a technologically advanced park called Westworld. The park is populated by the hosts, Android humanoid hosts who appear and look exactly like humans programmed not to harm them.

The amusement park is visited by the guests, people who pay money in order to indulge their fantasies within Westworld.

The first season gives an insight into the story. Robert Ford makes a change in hosts’ programming in order to encourage the oldest park’s operating host named Dolores. He encourages her to find the center of the maze. Other hosts are also affected by the change which creates confusion among people working at the park and visiting the park. The first season ends with Dolores finding the maze and killing the guests. The second season revolves around the rebellion of the hosts and their evolution.


The Rain is a Danish TV Show released on Netflix in 2018.

The plot tells a story six years after a virus carried by the rain erased almost everybody and everything in Scandinavia. Simone and Rasmus come out of the bunker and realize that the whole civilization is wiped out. They join young survivors in order to go on a dangerous quest looking for any sign of life in Scandinavia. The post apocalyptic world is free of social ties and collective past, however, love, jealousy and other problems do not seize to exist after all.  


Collateral is a British television show created by David Hare broadcast on BBC in February 2018.

This television drama explores various characters connected to the murder of a pizza delivery driver in London suburbs. Kip Glaspie is a detective inspector set to find the killer.


Whatever TV show you decide to watch on Netflix, we hope you will enjoy. There are many new and old shows you can watch and entertain yourself while many others will appear on Netflix.