The Importance Of Having Mobile-First Development For Websites, Especially For Online Gambling

Entertainment has always been a priority for people. Since people developed conscious thinking they started finding new ways of entertainment. Not much has changed over the years. People still try to find new and faster ways to entertain themselves. In the past, they entertained in person, playing games and cards face to face. However, nowadays with the accelerating development of technology and the Internet, a lot has changed. Nowadays, people can play games, gamble and bet online through their computers, on SBK Sports Betting for example. The appearance and development of portable mobile phones was responsible for the appearance of more online games and the easier reachability and availability of the games. With mobile phones and tablets, online games can be played everywhere and whenever you want to.

Therefore, mobile phones and other portable devices have appeared to take a lead when it comes to online applications and online games especially. Mobile-first development appeared for that very reason. So, what is mobile-first? Mobile-first is both a strategy and a new way of writing code. But why has it become so popular? What does it imply?

In the following paragraphs, we will try to explain what mobile-first development is and what its importance is in developing websites and online games.


Mobile-first is a new of code writing and a new strategy that implies designing an online application, website or a game for mobile before designing it for the desktop web device.

Quite recently, only a couple of years ago, the focus was more on the desktop web devices. For that reason, all websites, online games and other kinds of online experience were first designed for the desktop web, and then for mobile devices. The times have changed. Today, more and more people are using their mobile devices instead of their desktop devices. Therefore, many companies, actually the majority of the companies, has started designing and developing online experience for mobile devices firstly, and then adapting it for desktop web. The companies have realized that consumers are now using mobile devices for accessing the content than anywhere else. For that reason, designers tailor sites to the needs of the users. Mobile-first development and strategy imply easier texts for reading and navigation, easily accessible photos and maps, and properly displayed content on the device in question.


Many websites are embracing a mobile-first strategy because mobile devices have become primary in Internet use. A great majority of people are now using mobile devices to assess their content on the Internet, and smartphones have become more and more popular among the users thus raising the need for mobile-first development.

As new devices do not stop to emerge on the market, mobile first will become primary and even more important than before in order to create a successful product or brand. Therefore, it is very important to indulge in a mobile-first development especially when it comes to online gambling, because the future is in mobile devices, easily reachable, more attractive and much easier to use. With the popularity of mobile devices, the popularity of online gambling also rises.