The Best TV Series for Entrepreneurs to Watch

If you plan on making things change in the future and if you want to open up many new businesses, you should stop and think about it. If you have the capital to spend, you shouldn’t just go for it immediately. Earning money is not something that is as easy as spending it.

The way this works is that you need to improve and learn before you spend your money and your business remains on its death bed even before its inception.

Yes, this does involve reading books and listening to podcasts but, it can also involve something a bit more fun like watching TV series.

Here are some TV series that you should take note of and watch if you want to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs on the Rise – The TV Shows to Watch

  •         Billion Dollar Buyer – This show has up and coming businesses face to face with a very successful person named Tilman Fertitta. He’s a chairman, shareholder and CEO of Landry’s Inc. as well as a founder. Two businesses are sat with Fertitta in each episode and he goes over everything in their business, from the co-founders’ attitude towards one another to goods and samples of each business and their expansion plans. The show is about to air its third season in 2018.
  •         Planet of the Apps – This show was created by Apple and is full of celebrities like Jessica Alba,, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk. They are the mentors of the show and teach up and coming businesses and developers about funding, growth, scaling and knowledge about the way the industry works.
  •         Shark Tank – This TV show is not only old and established, but very interesting as it features actual investors deciding the future of startups. The show is 9 seasons old and has won multiple Emmy awards over the years. It still is very popular even though competition eventually surfaced. Entrepreneurs on the rise should take note of this show specifically as it can offer serious advice on how to move towards a better future.
  •         Startup – We’ve all heard stories of the ‘dark web’ and its terrifying corners and truths. Well, Startup is a story of a digital business on the rise, from desperate bankers to gang lords and hackers. It is a great TV show that is both fun and informative. Amazon Prime is behind this gem.
  •         Silicon Valley – Silicon Valley is one of those shows that everyone has heard of. A comedy revolving around a bunch of friends who want to get rich in a world of technology. Things go haywire sooner rather than later. It is a great show, especially for this modern, digital world.

Planning a business venture, starting a company? These shows should provide you with both the information you might need, the satire and even some new ideas or opportunities. From serious and live shows to dramatic and satirical views of entrepreneurship, take your pick and add another show to your list.