How to Make a Bucket List – The Things Most Important to You

Bucket lists are very popular and they should be. There are always things that you want to do, things that mean a lot to you. You should make your bucket list and set the stage for what you want to do before you “kick the bucket”.

If you don’t know where to start, these tips should give you a clue. Do not be afraid, you already have a notion of what you want to do, you might just need a slight push.

1.      Ideas, ideas, ideas

Your bucket list is a very personal thing. Before writing or typing one you should know what you want to put on it. Getting ideas often comes from inspiration and where better to find inspiration than at your favorite places? You surely must have favorite places and if you do, visit them to find your ideas.

It is also worth noting that you can ask other people what they would do before dying, some things that are really important to them. Getting perspective is great as you might just write some things off if they are not actually meaningful.

2.      Meaningfulness

The things on your list should really have meaning, special meaning to you. Remember the things you really want to achieve or do. Write them down, while considering whether some things are actually meaningful to you or just there because various other reasons prompted them to be (peer pressure, social pressure, parents, work, anything).

3.      Be Realistic

This does not mean that you should give up on certain dreams but rather be sincere to yourself. That is the most important thing, probably, when making your bucket list. If you are in your 60s, you will unlikely be able to beat the world 100m sprint record but you might just be able to beat other 60-year-old people in a 100m race.

4.      Be Yourself (No Matter What They Say)

Disregarding the Sting song reference, you should definitely stay true to yourself. If your heart’s is to visit the world’s best and largest casinos, then that should definitely be on your bucket list. If your parents or friends happen to disagree, well, that’s their opinion.

You are determined to visit the world’s largest casinos and take part in unique gambling experiences then that should be on your bucket list. The same goes for anything else that you might desire, no matter how different it might be from your friends’ desires.

5.      The List Does Not Define You

They may be your goals but they are not something that you should fuss over. If you do not happen to achieve some of them by a certain time limit if you even put a time limit, do not fret. Be forgiving to yourself.

Think of your list as a guide and not something set in stone. Even stone changes over time and so will your desires, at least some of them.

Your bucket list awaits, making it does not have to be scary. Follow these tips and you are all set.