Card Games You Can Play Online – A List of Interesting Games

Card games are always fun, whether you play alone or in a company of friends. You can play with your friends at a table, chat, have a couple of drinks and enjoy a very peaceful and interesting night.

Well, if your friends happen to be free for a meetup. If you have other things to do and your friends are busy, then online card games are the answer. Online gambling has become more and more popular and many people gamble online with bonus codes for 1xbet.

There are plenty of card games that you can play and have fun. Here are some to consider, the classics and newcomers alike.

The Classic Card Games

When you didn’t have what to do in the 90s and you owned a PC, Solitaire was the game to play. Some argued that Freecell, Hearts and Spider Solitaire were much better but it all depended on the type of player you are. These games are still available on Microsoft Windows operating systems yet there are more games you can play online.

Visiting almost any online casino should get you some card game options, mostly poker and blackjack. Texas Holdem is a frequent variant of poker that you can also find online. Apart from the known variants of poker and solitaire games, there are so many games and variants which are interesting and fun in their own way and offer a different graphical theme to entice you to play, but that is where the offer ends.

The Newcomers

A new challenger arrives! Well, new challengers. Hearthstone is the first game of this kind that really attracted players. In 2014, this game that is based on the Warcraft series came forth to entertain people. It’s an online game with collectible cards where people duke it out using various heroes from the Warcraft world. The already established brand attracted a lot of Warcraft lovers and card game lovers, alike. Available on Android, iOS, Windows and MAC, it instantly gained popularity.

Enter the Elder Scrolls: Legends, another card game which is connected to the Elder Scrolls universe. This one also attracted followers who fancied the Elder Scrolls world more than the Warcraft one. In 2017 this game took the challenge and gained their own set of fans.

Then came GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. This was actually a mini-game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and due to huge fan demand, CD Project RED made it a standalone free to play game. GWENT features creatures and characters from the Witcher universe. This is another alternative to those who fell in love with the Witcher series. These 3 games are competitors which is great, meaning that they will frequently update and keep their content fresh and working smoothly.

Whether you prefer classic games or something a bit more graphical and picturesque then GWENT, Hearthstone or the Elder Scrolls: Legends might be more of a game for you. Many of these have their own tournaments which have their rewards, so think twice whether poker or something a bit more modern is more up your alley.