Is there other life in the universe then us on Earth? Most likely yes, then second question that comes up is will we ever encounter them. That is for sure. If we are looking at the revolutionary ladder than humanity has climbed so far we are only a few hundred of years from encountering another Alien species. The thought is both horrifying and comforting. What will happen if we meet an alien race, A friendly one? My thoughts is that Religion goes down the drain completely. The religion we have known as Christianity, Muslim and Buddhism have never spoken about a Alien race or visitors from another planet. Second of all, most likely they would be friendly at the beginning but as time goes there will be friction. Hell Human kind can’t even share our own planet how would it be when an Alien race comes here with other believes and other ways of living. There is bound to be war in some way. Not like human race all of a sudden would accept others that are not like them selves. It is not like history has told us otherwise

How would the Alien race look like

We humans have imagined Aliens in many different forms and shapes. Everything from skinny gray man with vast technology and pointy eyes to huge cockroaches with no technology at all just good at killing but somehow they managed to build an space ship.

The most famous and horrifying Alien ever created is without a doubt the ones from the Alien franchise. Five super scary movies has been made with these creatures as the main characters, and every time we see them we hold our breath. Remember in space no one can hear you scream.

The Alien movies has become so popular that they have moved over to both videogames and casino games The videogames we have played and the best one in our oppinion is aliens versus predator 2. Playing through the game as an marin soldier will make your heart jump more than once. It’s fast paced shoot em up style, and together with the lurking sounds of the aliens, equipped with a gun that almost seems to have to little ammunition and the fucking beeping motion sensor will make any grown man or woman pee his pants.

The casino game was released in 2014, from Netent casinos. And became an instant hit as well with the online gaming community.
Many features are taken from both the movies and the alien vs predator movie game. For instance the bonus game is just like the videogame, walking down a corridor shooting aliens. The only thing that stands between you and a Big win is ammunition. If you don’t find ammuntion on the way down to the Alien Queens Nest your are litterally f***ed over more then twice.

You can read more about the Alien Casino Game at The site specializes in online gaming stuff and has a vast article about the game on their home page.

the planets most famous alien