save the universe

Believe it or not astronomy and astrology have a lot in common. Granted the philosophies between the two are different but they have been and are ways to study the heavens and to bring the universe down to our size of understanding. Looking at the connections between the two takes the student through a course on the relationship we have with the stars. Originally we thought that the universe revolved around us. The sun was the major source of our life force and the moon over saw our emotions. Determining a child’s star chart told the family what kind of bond the child would have with the heavens and life. This took time to study where the points of light were in the heavens. Dividing the sky up into twelve quadrants and assigning characteristics to these sections of the sky made it possible to know where the point of light called Mars would be at certain times of the year. Studying people help determine the characteristics of a child born with Mars being in certain areas of the firmament. Space science was founded on the work of the astrologers. The quadrants became known as constellations and the points of light were found to be actual planets and suns. The commonality between these two methods of gathering information was the effort made to accurately plot the course of the night sky. Astrology studied human nature based on the heavens and the science of the stars studied the actual universe that existed outside of us. Both are the gateway to different ways of connecting with the universe.